Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is why you're fat.

Here's my personal answer to that website that keeps cropping up everywhere as some sort of "proof" as to why the world is eating itself to death or fat people are destroying the universe or killing the children or causing the earth to spin off its axis or whatever.

Chances are rather good that this is why you're fat.


Dianae said...

I like the use of the pictorial since it tells more than words can say. I wonder why the webmaster of that site just assumes that everyone eating that OTT food is fat. Plenty of thin people eat that way. Once again, a channel for fat prejudice finds it's way into the world to spin a web of deceit.

Little Monarch said...

this is perfect. so true. and defo the reason why i am fat. i never eat any of the food on that other website but im always constantly stressing about diets and ready labels. good job x