Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday morning ramblings from my bed.

I am frigging exhausted with:

Every time someone rails about people being superficial and then turn around to bag on someone's outfit, be they someone famous or someone walking down the street

Every time someone loses their shit "jokingly" about how revoltingly old someone looks

Every time someone trots out "real women have curves" and then crabs about "skinny bitches"

Every time someone says "everyone should embrace their body, no matter what" but then shakes a finger and tsk-tsks at deathfat-sized women, because "we need to be healthy"

Every time someone looks at pictures taken on the sly of strangers in stores and posted online in order to mock the fat, the poor, and the underprivileged

Every time someone makes fun of an old friend they've found on Facebook because they aren't wearing the latest clothes or have "fashionable" haircuts

The above are things I have read online or witnessed in person within the last couple of days. Holy shit, am I exhausted with it. I am tired of people talking out of both sides of their mouths. Don't sit there and tell me "oh yes, I am all for body and size acceptance and our children are being tormented by blahbettyblah" and then turn around and tell me how hideous so-and-so looks in zie's Facebook pictures.

I'm over people being told the "right" way to dress, the "right" way to appear, the "must-have" accessories for whatever, the "right" way to behave. I'm sick of reading wailing about how certain bodies shouldn't wear certain clothing or how one's body is just too "fill in the blank with some sort of body hatred" to wear a certain piece of clothing. I'm tired of fat being used as this devilish spectre that's always lurking around every corner, ready to POUNCE upon any hapless person (usually a woman) who DARES to eat something that involves sugar or carbohydrates. I am way over the idea that being constantly hungry is a state one should aspire to.

Can I also add that it fries my ass a bit when I read a cooking magazine and see recipes doctored up so they're less "decadent", "sinful", or "naughty"? Because you know what? I'm going to take that recipe and I'm going to make it with every fucking inch of full-fat and sugar and carb product I can possibly find. And I'm going to eat it and I may very well take pictures of myself eating it so you can see the big-ass smile on my fat fucking face as I enjoy the shit out of it until I'm satisfied and then I put it in a Glad container for leftovers the next day!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today in "Check Your Privilege".

So I was watching the CBS Evening News last night, and they closed the show out with a segment about "Iron Kids", a program that has kids as young as seven or eight beginning to train for and compete in triathlons. Of course, the distances required aren't as massive as grown-up triathlons, but the essential elements remain - you swim, you bike, you run. Of course, it was framed as a STRONG VOLLEY in the BATTLE against CHILDHOOD OBEEEEEESITY with that sniffy underlying theme of "you're a bad parent if you don't have your child training for triathlons"/"nothing's worse in the whole wide world than being fat or having fat children".

What I find endlessly interesting in all the media coverage of fat is the absolute disinterest by ANYONE that has an ass attached to a media outlet regarding the concept of privilege. The particular Iron Kids group that they profiled was a festival of white faces and undoubtedly, serious cash money, and it was presented as simply the default state for all of us. Never a moment is taken to acknowledge that a goodly part of this country doesn't exist in a lush suburb of two-parent families where there's plenty of time in one's day to make homemade meals and shop the local organic coop and the farmer's market and enroll the kids in 1,498 different activities that will all magically make one's child into a slim, attractive, fit, intelligent, courteous, clever, and delightful human. And if you bring up the concept of privilege in, let's say, an internet message board forum about how folks aren't exactly made of money, there's always the ONE person who insists they managed to be unemployed and still eat fresh organic hoo-hah and there's no reason why other people can't do the same on a limited budget...and you know, that one person always seems to be single, no kids, and living in an area that actually has access to fresh organic hoo-hah. But zie's not privileged, no sirree!

When is someone, ANYONE in the mainstream media going to summon up enough courage to fully address the gigantor issues of privilege and how it affects people in this country and around the globe? Until that day comes, I have no choice but to regard every single hand-wringing story produced by the mainstream media as, essentially, a concern troll writ large, a concern troll that doesn't really give a rat's ass about health or fitness or wellbeing but instead is really, really miffed that fat people exist. And I have to admit that the idea that my existence causes such handwringing is kind of entertaining, because it's simply fuel for my fire.

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