Sunday, January 2, 2011

The toad elevating moment.

2010 was a pretty spiffy year for me. I’m not going to go into lengthy detail as to why it was a pleasant row to hoe, but suffice it to say, I can look back at the year and say “I had myself a grand old time and got some shit done”.

However, I do have one vague regret (though I’m a person who doesn’t do regret very often) – I barely wrote. I can still recall my glory days of writing constantly, constantly, constantly, the rush that came with telling a story and writing a screenplay in two weeks and not being able to walk away from something until I vomited forth every single thing that was knocking around in my head. A massive hard drive failure in July of 2006 in which I lost a tremendous amount of work killed a goodly portion of my creative spark, as did having that realization that decent writers are a dime a dozen, and I’m not quite so egotistical to think that I have that super-special-something that elevates me above any of the trillions of people who are able to slap together some charming sentences.

Instead, I started a long-view kind of approach to my life, as I had a large amount of fixing and tweaking and revamping to do on it, and writing fell to the side. When I discovered Fat Acceptance (FA), it provided an avenue for me to write again, and I did so quite enthusiastically because it’s a concept/social justice movement that I’m quite invested in. However, as 2010 wore on and other bloggers who were far more prolific and far better at saying the things that needed saying before I even noticed what the hell was going on wrote, I wrote less...and less...and less. Not that my investment level has changed, but my interest in writing what I felt essentially boiled down to a rehash of the same damn thing dropped to almost zippo. I couldn’t contribute anything new or insightful to the conversation, so I chose not to contribute. Instead, I became an interested observer who floats around a party and occasionally opens up her yap to rapid-fire opine and then goes back to eyeballing the bar and snacks.

So, to kick off 2011, I’ve decided I need to start having conversations again. The thing is, in order to try and rediscover that creative spark (because I do miss it terribly), I can’t limit myself to one conversation anymore. As a result, I’m starting up a new blog called, simply, the Jane C. Nolan Blog. I’m still going to talk about FA (lord, will I ever), but I also want to talk about movies or music or random weird happenings in my day or pop culture or what’s kicking at my synapses at any given moment. If you’re a mind to, bookmark the new space or chuck it into your reader or whatever you like, as effective today, Casual Blasphemies is going dark.

The conversation continues at...The Jane C. Nolan Blog.

Thanks for reading and responding over the last couple of years. It's been a lovely experience.

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