Monday, January 19, 2009

Is it really "living"?

Weight Watchers says they're going to help you stop dieting and start living. After seeing their ridiculous commercial 900 trillion times, where they insinuate that being hungry equals an inability to eat anything except junk food, my teeny brain started turning over and over about what their (or any other weight loss industry program) version of living entails.

Is it living when you weigh yourself three times a day?

It is living when your entire day is ruined because you gained .00005 of a pound?

Is it living when your entire self-worth is based on the number on the scale?

Is it living when the only topic of conversation you're capable of having relates to what you've eaten or haven't eaten, how many reps you've done or haven't done, and what size pants you can wedge yourself into?

Is it living when you injure yourself working out but are terrified at dialing back on it in order to heal because you might gain weight?

Is it living when you think you can't live because of the size you wear?


purplegirl said...

But that's *dieting*, now WW! Right? Gag me. The only ones I hate more are the ones for some protein water where they insinuate that one piece of candy or one lick of whipped cream is going to give you teh fatz.

Jenn Howell said...

You know I have both been there and done that.

It's all bullshit.

Be a better person. That's worth more than being a size 6.