Friday, September 12, 2008

Strike 193,882,093, Alton Brown.

Paul over at BigFatBlog blows shit at Alton Brown waaay better than I can at the moment because when I'm steamed, coherency is not my friend. Instead, it's a lot of gasping, eye-rolling, and "fu-huh-huck YOU"-ing. Followed by a rant that is plentiful with expletives not ever deleted.

I mean, not that I needed an additional reason to call Alton Brown fucking clownshoes. It just boggles my freaking mind that a cat would feel so comfortable displaying his utter contempt for the people who PAY HIS GODDAMNED BILLS. Well, I should say, the FAT people who pay his goddamned bills. I can only hope that any fat person in anything resembling a non-self-loathing space that is a fan of his stops being a fan of his, stops buying his shit, and stops lining the pockets of this ginormous, throbbing, overrated doucheweasel.

Then, join me in penning a lovely letter to the Food Network. Their physical address appears to be:

75 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

And what makes it even more kneeslappingly laughable (in that "I really want to kick the world in its ass right about now" way) is the "Core Values" blabbetty blah on their website (parent company: Scripps).

I'd love it if Alton Brown didn't have a job anymore. I'm dreaming big, I know. But for fuck's sake, Food Network shitcanned the dude from "Dinner Impossible" for fudging his resume'. However, Alton Brown's dish of hatred and contempt is delicious? Yeah, no. Time for Food Network and Alton Brown to be on the receiving end of some major pushback.

(Anyone who has better contact info for Food Network, lay it on me in the comments.)


Anonymous said...

send it directly to Bob Tuschman at that address- and send it while you're still angry

Furious Buddha said...

It's too bad, because I have enjoyed Brown's shows in the past. While he certainly understands cooking, he should keep his judgements about people to himself, especially since those judgements seem to be nothing more than projections of his own neurotic insecurities.

Americo said...

Well, I actually went back to read what he said, cause I have been a fan of Alton, and it shocked me to think the guy would be so fucked up to people. And in reading back I really didn't find anything he said offensive.

First, he has a very dry humor, and if anything he was being self-deprecating.

But more importantly, that quote was cut up, and it seems to be taken out of context.

I like the guy, and I'm rarely a bad judge of character. He may be too candid about the way he views himself, but I doubt he encompasses every fat person in some McStereotype.

I say we give him the benefit of the doubt, and not let one website interview define what more than likely is misconstrued.